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Flavored Water for Dogs | Pure, Clean, and Simple

The canine electrolyte supplement was created by Sara Ochoa, DVM. Petralyte is proven to deliver necessary nutrients and maximize hydration.

Like Pedialyte for Dogs, But Better

Petralyte dog electrolyte powder is veterinary-formulated to support canine hydration with essential minerals and added nutrients for optimized mobility, energy, and whole body health!

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As an athlete hydration has been the foundation of my success. My dog, Molly, has been with me through the ups and downs, and I was so excited to discover Petralyte so that he could keep up with my running routine. I take Moly with me on my 3 mile jogs every morning, and while I finish up with a protein shake Molly recovers with a bowl of Petralyte enhanced water. I have firsthand noticed the difference in his energy and stamina since he started using this product. We are lifetime customers – Thank you Petralyte

Adam Peterson

Even though I may not be the most active dog owner, when I found this product, I loved the idea of my dog wanting to drink more water. I always thought Kirby was dehydrated because I rarely had to refill her water bowl. But now, she drinks a lot more water. I love Petralyte for my little baby Kirby. Thanks, Petralyte!

Melissa Fagan

Petralyte is indeed magic. My dog Breeze loves to run around in open spaces. Watching her once, a friend suggested me to try some electrolyte supplements which have some essential nutrients for good dog health and timely hydration. And a quick search landed me on Petralyte. I was unaware about pet electrolytes, but Petralyte products are just awesome! I selected the Chicken Lovers for Breeze. And she loves it! Now, she drinks more often from her bowl and feels less exhausted. Within 2 weeks of use, I saw a considerable difference in her energy. Thanks, Petralyte! Keep serving the goodness.

Maya Carlo