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Electrolytes are minerals that help to regulate hydration levels in the body.

When dogs ‘sweat’ they lose electrolytes through the skin of their paws as well as by panting.

Most people know that potassium is an essential mineral for human health, but did you know that it’s also important for cats?

 Potassium helps to regulate fluid levels in the body, and it is essential for proper muscle function. Cats need a consistent supply of potassium in their diet in order to stay healthy, and it is especially important for them to get enough of this mineral if they are ill or recovering from surgery. 

If your cat isn’t getting enough potassium, they may develop muscle weakness, irregular heartbeat, or even paralysis. 

 Cats need calcium for strong bones and teeth, healthy muscles and nerves, and proper blood clotting. This essential nutrient can be found in many foods, such as milk, cheese, and leafy green vegetables. 

However, cats absorb calcium more efficiently than other animals, so they require higher levels of this nutrient in their diet. If cats don’t get enough calcium, they may develop health problems such as osteoporosis or joint pain.

 So make sure your feline friend is getting the calcium they need for good health.

While most people think of salt as something that’s bad for our health, it’s actually an essential nutrient. The same is true for cats. 

Sodium helps to regulate blood pressure, maintain fluid balance, and support nerve function. It’s also necessary for muscle contraction and the absorption of other nutrients. 

 Signs of sodium deficiency in cats include lethargy, weakness, and muscle twitching. 



Electrolytes are minerals that help to regulate hydration levels in the body.

When dogs ‘sweat’ they lose electrolytes through the skin of their paws as well as by panting.


Cats are obligate carnivores, which means that they require certain nutrients that can only be found in animal tissue. 

One of these nutrients is MSM, a sulfur-containing compound that is used by the body to create new cells and repair damaged ones. It also plays a role in joint health, and some studies have shown that it can help to reduce inflammation.

Though cats can technically live without MSM, it is an important nutrient for overall health. Without it, cats are more prone to developing health problems such as joint pain, gastrointestinal issues, and heart disease.

While all cats need L-Lysine HCL for their health, this nutrient is especially important for those who are overweight or have diabetes. 

L-Lysine HCL helps to regulate blood sugar levels and prevent insulin resistance, both of which can lead to serious health problems. In addition, L-Lysine HCL helps to promote a healthy appetite and encourages weight loss. 

For overweight cats, L-Lysine HCL can be a valuable tool in helping them to reach a healthy weight

Glucosamine is a naturally-occurring substance that helps to promote healthy joint function. It works by stimulating the production of collagen, a protein that helps to keep joints lubricated and free from inflammation. 

Some studies have shown that glucosamine can help to reduce inflammation and improve joint function in cats. 

In addition, glucosamine helps to repair cartilage damage and protect joints from further wear and tear. As a result, it can be an effective way to relieve pain and stiffness in aging cats.

Chondroitin is a substance that is found in the cartilage of animals. It is used by the body to repair and maintain healthy cartilage. 

Chondroitin is also thought to have anti-inflammatory properties, which may be helpful in treating conditions like arthritis. 

Some studies have shown that chondroitin can be effective in treating osteoarthritis in cats, and it may also help to reduce joint pain and improve mobility. 

TAURINE is an amino acid that is essential for cats. It helps to support a healthy heart and muscle function, and it also aids in the absorption of fat.

 Additionally, taurine helps to keep the eyes healthy and can protect against vision loss. 

Cats need taurine for heart health and proper development of their nervous system and eyesight. A lack of taurine can lead to heart failure and blindness. Interestingly, taurine is one of the few nutrients that cats cannot synthesize on their own, so they must get it from their diet




Electrolytes are minerals that help to regulate hydration levels in the body.

When dogs ‘sweat’ they lose electrolytes through the skin of their paws as well as by panting.

Galactoligosaccharide has been shown to promote the growth of healthy gut bacteria. This is important for cats, as a healthy gut microbiome can help to support digestive health and immunity. 

In addition, galactoligosaccharide can help to increase the absorption of minerals and vitamins from the diet. This means that it can help to ensure that your cat gets all of the nutrients they need to stay healthy. 

Overall, galactoligosaccharide is a safe and healthy choice for cats, and offers a range of potential health benefits.

Oligofructose is a type of dietary fiber that is found in a variety of fruits and vegetables. Unlike other types of fiber, oligofructose is not broken down by the body’s enzymes, which means it can remain in the intestine for longer periods of time. 

This provides a number of benefits for cats, including improved digestive health and increased stool bulk. In addition, oligofructose has been shown to encourage the growth of healthy bacteria in the intestine, which can help to protect against pathogens and improve overall immunity. 

For these reasons, oligofructose is an important part of a healthy diet for cats.

Inulin is a type of dietary fiber found in a variety of plants, including chicory root, wheat, and onions. 

For cats, inulin can help to regulate blood sugar levels and promote digestive health. 

In addition, inulin is a prebiotic, meaning that it helps to promote the growth of healthy bacteria in the gut. As a result, including a small amount of inulin in your cat’s diet can have a big impact on their overall health.

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