After nearly losing a beloved furry friend to severe dehydration while hiking in Los Angeles, Petralyte Cofounder Alex Osborne thought to himself that no one else should have to endure such a debilitating pain. Inspired, he teamed up with Akash Appachi to consult a team of veterinarians to create an electrolyte formula specifically tailored for dogs. The final product became Petralyte – A delivery system that drastically improves the speed and efficiency of water absorption.

As the idea grew, Australia began facing an unprecedented wildlife fire crisis, which claimed the lives of more than one billion birds, reptiles and mammals. News broke that officials were killing thousands of camels and other animals in Australia as they drink too much water amid the wildfires.

We started to wonder: 

  • What if Petralyte could increase the absorption of key functional ingredients in addition to water?
  • Could it improve other areas of pet’s lives, like energy, immunity, or tranquility, by getting other nutrients through the digestive system faster and more efficiently?
  • Could we partner with the international community to help those animals most in need by donating a serving of product for every single purchase
  • Turns out, we could! 

Petralyte’s Mission:

With every purchase of Petralyte, we donate a serving to an animal in need.